Want your email newsletters read? Stop acting like a boring business

Boring email alertWhat’s the first thing you do when you check your inbox?

The first thing I do is delete the generic, boring emails that clutter my inbox each day.

Why? Because like you, I have limited time, so I’m trying to focus on the emails that either require my attention or add value to my life in some way.

I’m tired of receiving emails…

  • With a boring subject line like ‘July Newsletter‘ (Yawn).
    • This subject line makes it sound like your boss said “Hey Sue, it’s been a month. It’s time for you to write another boring newsletter that no-one even reads”
  • With long paragraphs that are hard for me to scan or read quickly
    • Get to the point – your recipients don’t have all day
    • If you absolutely must provide lot’s of info, it’s better to do this on your website and then link to it from your email newsletter
  • With information that isn’t relevant or interesting to me
    • It goes without saying that the content of your newsletter needs to be useful, interesting, educational, entertaining or inspiring. If it’s none of these, then what is it? That’s right – boring.

So what does your email newsletter look like?

If you’re emailing me, could you please…

  • Tell me what your email is about in your subject line
    • Your subject line helps your recipient decide if the email is relevant to them or not
    • Think about your subject line like a magazine cover, magazine editors know that having an overview of many articles on the cover will increase the chance of their magazine being opened. Same goes for email.
  • Use my name
    • Using your recipients name at the start of your email newsletter is great
    • But don’t use it so many times that you sound like a creepy stalker
  • Keep it short and relevant
    • Write for scanners (people who skip over text to save time)
    • Tell me why I should care, and tell me what you’d like me to do next!

Good luck out there

The good news for you is that there are lots of NZ businesses sending boring email newsletters, so it’s easy to stand out.

ps: don’t be boring! – Dan

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