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Email Marketing for Restaurants: How Business Card Draws Can Encourage Repeat Business

I’m sick of never hearing from restaurants.

Business Card Draw Email MarketingI often drop my business card into their draw, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll never hear from them again. Ever.

Why do restaurants focus on attracting new customers, when they already have paying customers who know, like and trust them?

How to turn a boring old business card draw into a repeat sales machine

  1. Collect business cards (offer an incentive eg, a bar tab or a free meal)
  2. Store the details from each business card (most important are name and email address)
  3. And now for the critical part – announce the winner via email newsletter (tellingĀ everyone who entered who the winner is)

And when you congratulate your winner, make sure you tell those who didn’t win exactly why they should return to your establishment.

  • Tell them you have a band playing this weekend
  • Invite them to try your new special dish
  • Ask them to join you for happy hour
  • Suggest they come along to an exclusive wine tasting

If just one or two people take up your offer then the free meal giveaway has likely paid for itself.

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