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Auto-Responders: The Secret Email Weapon Your Business Isn’t Using

If you’re like most NZ businesses, you’re too busy focusing on your next customer to worry about the one that’s already purchased from you.

You also know that it’s easier to sell to your existing customer, but the simple fact is that it’s new customers that take all your time.

And that’s were auto-responders come in. But hold on a second…

What in the heck are auto-responders?

Email AutoresponderAuto-responders are emails sent to your customers automatically, when triggered by certain events (eg, a period of time passing or a specific date).

3 ways to use email auto-responders for your existing customers

  1. Automatically send your clients a voucher on their birthday
  2. Deliver a series of emails leading up to a special event (or product launch)
  3. Share useful info via email over a period of time (instead of giving it all away in one hit)

But it doesn’t stop there, because the possibilities are endless – and the best part is that sending automated emails is a piece of cake.

Could your business benefit from auto-responders?

If so, call me (Dan) on 07 575 8799 and I can tell you what’s involved in making it happen (or I can just make it happen for you)

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