Simplemail Turns Five!

Simplemail turns 5!In April 2009 Simplemail was launched, and today the business turns 5 years old (!)

So what’s changed over 5 years?

  • Technology – a huge proportion of people now read email on mobiles and tablets (can you believe the iPad is only 4 years old!?)
  • Social media – email is now part of an ever increasing digital marketing mix (and email needs to work together with these other efforts)
  • Content – more than ever it’s about helping people and adding value through sharing information (rather than simply trying to make a quick sale)

The future of simplemail

Given the changes above, you’ll notice Simplemail will begin working more closely with our partner company, Likeable Social Marketing – especially as Ryan Kilfoil has recently stepped down from his Directorship at Simplemail to pursue his interests at Business Edge, Rhema Media and the 4good Charitable Trust (he’s a busy boy!)

The future for Simplemail is exciting, and the recent content marketing conference I attended in Auckland reminded me of the fact that email is still key to any online marketing strategy.

Your in email, Dan.

ps – Happy birthday to us!


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